ALGO SPA Package

now with introductory discount
  • 1x DETOX Cream
  • 1x FRESH Cream
  • 1x washable hygiene suit
  • 1x golden ALGO SPA suit
  • incl. Delivery costs in Switzerland
  • incl. VAT.

About the ALGO Figura Bella concept

Industrial Property Right No. 147203

This system was developed with the aim of combating modern diseases caused by modern civilization. It has both health care and treatment functions such as detoxification, cellulite, edema, fat deposits and imperfections without any side effects on human body.

Therefore, the ALGO Figura Bella Concept is a kind of ideal and effective modern high-tech system that is commonly used in beauty salons or centers for therapeutic purposes.

Now you can rely on the expertise of the company Algo Beauty & AVESTA and also need it comfortably at home when traveling or otherwise without specialist knowledge, in which you have successfully used the desired therapy method from ALGO Beauty GmbH for years and to this day in the beauty salon.

ALGO Spa is also increasingly used as a heat source, which you can easily put on over your clothes and thus warm up at different temperatures and timings. Maximum consumption 320 watts per hour.

Energy consumption comparable to a 320 watt lamp uses 0.320 kilowatts (kW) per hour. The average electricity price is around 0.30 per kilowatt. For example, if the lamp lights up four hours a day, the annual energy consumption of a light bulb is 1,280 hours. The electricity costs for the 320 watt lamp are therefore around 140.15 per year. (Electricity prices are country-specific)

Body Detoxification with DETOX from Swiss Alpine Salts

Cream effective against cellulite, fat deposits, edema and imperfections. The formula contains a blend of active ingredients that tackles the ailments on multiple fronts. spirulina extract,

Carnitine and caffeine stimulate lipolysis. Spirulina Strengthens and restructures, while carnitine exerts protective vascular activity. Swiss Alpine Salts accelerate the skin’s metabolism, which is suitable for daily use with more intensive and gentle detoxification.

Application: Cream yourself with DETOX No.1 and go to STEP.2

200 ml is enough for 15-20 body treatments, Price CHF 95.00


Put on the two-piece black hygienic PVC suit and then the gold ALGO spa suit (this process takes 1-2 minutes). Turn on the time (30-60 min) for the desired application:

  • Purification & detoxification
  • body drainage
  • Metabolism acceleration
  • Circumference reduction & skin tightening
  • Against muscle & back tension
  • Against joint complaints
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Regulation in case of circulatory problems
  • Weight reduction & anti-cellulite

Who can use ALGO Spa?

  • Private – every man, every woman up to 135 kg and every child from 10 years
  • beauty salons
  • Massage studios
  • Hotels & SPA
  • Gyms
  • Physiotherapists
  • retirement homes
  • hospitals
  • rehab
  • Doctors
  • thermal baths
  • Military & Army

Well-being, freshness and tightening with FRESH from Swiss Alpine Salts

After STEP 2 Shower and dry off. You can now apply FRESH No. 2 cream to problem areas or to the whole body if you want a more intensive effect. The gel-like FRESH No. 2 cream which, by stimulating the cold receptors, followed by a superficial astringent effect, causes a local increase in metabolic activity through a reaction. For these reasons, it is the optimal product against cellulite, impurities, tissue atonia and heaviness caused by edema. Thanks to the effects of Swiss Alpine Salts, you and your entire organism will become more efficient and reserves will be built up again.

200 ml is enough for 15-20 body treatments, Price CHF 95.00