About us

ALGO Beauty is a center for figure, health and beauty. The concept was developed by a team of beauty experts over a long period of time and has been in practice in Switzerland since 2006.

Our concept consists of various treatments that reduce body weight, eliminate problem areas, tighten tissue and strengthen the immune system without physical activity, such as sports, exercises and diets.

The beauty team, which perfected the concept from the start, worked together with researchers, doctors and therapists. Their findings, products and devices are used with great success at ALGO Beauty and are constantly being expanded.

After the first successes, the concept was used for 18 months in the building of the Swissana Clinic in Schwerzenbach ZH. Our methods are individually adapted and are therefore very successful with customers of different ages, lifestyles and backgrounds.

Our beauty experts have many years of experience, which they use, among other things,

in international companies have collected.

Our results speak for themselves – we remain loyal to you!

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